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We provide end-to-end regulatory compliance risk management service, including developing a Compliance Risk Management Plan (CRMP). Our domain of interest includes Trust Account Legal Practice, Public Administration Management and Public Finance Management

  • Development of an Organizational Structure
  • Development of CRM Charter and training policy
  • Development of a CRMP
  • Risk analysis and identification
  • Risk impact assessment
  • Risk evaluation and rating
  • Develoment of a Compliance Monitoring Plan
  • Continued compliance advice


Integrity Governance Advisory is a Legal and Compliance Risk Governance services pioneered by Sipho Nkosi, a well-rounded legal professional with a BProc degree focused in Law from the University of Natal (Howard College), with a keen interest in corporate governance, and a profound insight into Compliance Risk Management, developing an organizational structure, Charter, and CRMP. 

Sipho Nkosi, practised as an attorney, is skilled in process improvement and mentoring, is self-driven, motivated, innovative, focused, and diligent, and has vast experience in the legal sector, with a solid background in litigation, procedural law, legal research and drafting, and is a member of Compliance Institute Southern Africa.


Sipho Nkosi

  • Served on the Valuation Board of the Gauteng Provincial Government and handled property valuations disputes
  • Appointed as the Commissioner of the Small Claims Court
  • Oversaw the process of the registration of transfer of low-cost housing development project for The Greater Nigel Transitional Local Council
  • Served on the panel of major banks for the registration of bonds
  • Published feature articles in the De Rebus, a South African Legal Practitioners' Journal on Criminal Law, Litigation and Procedure, and Legal Practice.


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Integrity Governance Advisory is a concept inspired by the spirit of constitutionalism espoused by the KING IV Code of Good Practice. Properly exercised, ethical and effective leadership should result in the practice enjoying on ethical culture, sustainable performance and value creation, adequate and effective control by the practitioners over their practices, and the creation and development of trust in the practice, leading to enhanced reputation.

The application of the principles of corporate governance in a trust accounting regulatory environment heralds “a new era of responsibility” in the conduct of a trust account practice which positions practitioners to participate meaningfully in the economic environment, and maximizes benefits of running a legal practice in a fair, efficient and transparent way.


The trust accounting regulatory environment CRMP is a smart, simple and effective way of staying compliant.

The structure of the compliance risk management framework simplifies the process of compliance monitoring, and empowers the practitioners to foster better governance of their practices. It sets the “tone” of the practice’s risk management control environment and is a foundation of all other controls in an organization.

The framework provides the best oversight experience to the practitioner and encourages the practitioners to adopt and promote a culture of compliance in their practices. It legitimizes the activities of the legal practice and enhances the governance strengths of the organization.

The CRMP provides the management with an enterprise-wide perspective of the operations, and a strategic approach to manage the risks that the business has to contend with in pursuit of its objectives. Implementing the CRMP ensures sustainable operations, accurate and reliable financial reporting and is outcome-based.

It opens up a space for practitioners to focus on their expertise of practicing law.


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